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Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with GLOBULA December 16th 2021 12pm UTC. This guest star :

Mikhail Palekha
-CEO Founder of GLOBULA



Before we start AMA main segment, we really want to know some informations about yourself. Could you do a little introduction for us know better about you?


My name is Mikhail Palekha and I am the founder of Globula. I’ve envisioned and started developing this project several years ago but only in 2021 the general public started understanding and accepting the mechanics that were integrated in the game. So now is the perfect time to launch and today I am here to answer any questions that you might have about the game.


Q1. Please tell the community what is GLOBULA in detail ?


Right now there is lots of hype around the word Metaverse. Very few projects understand what it actually means and what it is, but everyone considers it necessary to declare that they are creating a Metaverse exploiting popular interest. GLOBULA is indeed a real Metaverse, technologically and economically connecting the real world and the virtual one, giving players unlimited freedom of choice and actions in the game. This is a world in which your efforts and knowledge allow you to achieve success and prosperity, and transfer this result to the real world.

It is a game where you can turn your everyday activities into a quest and money earning process even if it is shopping or a trip to gym.

Q2. Could you give us some reason why should we choose GLOBULA than other GAME game out there?


Most P2E projects that have entered or are entering the market by now are usually clones each other and are based on primitive game mechanics of the same type. Over time, this inevitably leads to problems in game economies, which are passed on to the players. For many years participants of our team have been studying successful gaming projects with a sustainable gaming economy, in which people never got tired of playing. Some projects lasted for more than 15 years (EVE, Entropia), and we aim to transfer this experience and mechanics to GLOBULA.

Q3. Could you please explain about your Roadmap, and also what phase is currently ongoing?


At the moment we have closed the private sale and are preparing for the IDO. In addition, we are going to show you a game prototype shortly.

Q4. Please tell us about $GBL token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can get/buy it?


GBL is a token for managing and making a community decision on a whole range of initiatives related to the game, its development, and external DeFi mechanics. The cost of the token is directly related to the success of the game. GLB can be purchased either by participating in the IDO, or afterward at the QuickSwap DEX.

Q5. What are the highlights of GLOBULA technology and products that you believe will help it succees?


1. Awesome and engaging gameplay without repetitive boring tasks.
2. A creative and balanced team with excellent experience in gaming programming and design. more than half of our team are senior developers from companies like 0xUniverse and Wargaming
3. Technology for creating game objects with intrinsic value -which unlike NFT won’t lose their value when the hype is over.
4. Exciting sci-fi storyline and game narrative
The technology for creating a super stable coin that lies at the heart of the game’s economy.
5. A technological range of balanced economic solutions that allow you to create a sustainable economy and develop the game in the long term (10-20 years)
6. Our proprietary Smart Human Relations Language technology allows game users to create their own geolocation content. This technology will bring a wide variety of local quests that players can complete for rewards.
7. We also created our own geolocation engine, with an advanced processing system for the precise location of the player.


Q1.Does Globula will only support mobile devices? How about dekstop? Also Globula will combine NFT powered P2E and DeFi too. What kind of DeFi aspects Globula will adopted? Why do you think it’ll plus point for users and DeFi enthusiast out there?

| Mikhail

The game involves a significant amount of physical movement in real life. Therefore, it is focused primarily on the mobile version. We will definitely think about the desktop version later when it will have enough functions that do not require movement in real life. I would also like to emphasize that our target audience is not only the users of crypto and DeFi enthusiasts, we are making a game for the mass market of users who do not know how to use crypto but will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the game without this knowledge.

Let me remind you that the temporal energy unit in the game is created by PHYSICAL movement in real life. It is very likely that users from Indonesia Bangladesh Malaysia and Phillipines will be the core movement force (pretty literally) for the game, creating and mining tokens while less mobile users of the western world will be buying these tokens from them and producing something on desktop version thus creating value for themselves.

Q2. Has the smart contract been audited? Is there any safety mechanism to prevent overminting (to prevent any foul play/hacks)? How does "Globula' apply for a witness node or deploy/manage a smart contract ?


The main smart contract will be ready within the next week and will be submitted for audit by Haken, a well-known and proven solution for the security of smart contracts. We try to use mechanics well proven by the market in order to avoid all the problems that you listed in your question. The market is old enough to have well-established and reliable solutions.

Q3. Most P2E games start giving away a lot of tokens to the first few players and for a short period of time the game is profitable, but not sustainable, and because of that, its value soon decreases. How is @Globula_Game designed and how can you guarantee LONG-TERM profitability?


We are not and will not be giving away many tokens. Moreover, we do not offer a large number of them in sales. We are deliberately launching a project with a small Initial Market Cap, as practice shows that a high cap at the start plays a negative role in terms of further growth of the token.
We strive for organic growth and balance in all aspects of the Globula project development. Our development plan and aim on creating a quality product with organic growth is the best guarantee of success.

Q4. I saw on your tokenomics, that Globula has a fund allocation for its Legal activities. Can you please explain to us the role of your legal team to your project? How important is having a legal management team based on the nature of products and services?


The game is a company which is a legal entity registered and operating in several countries. This involves contracts with partners, funds, guilds all of which must have proper legal documents supporting such relations. Also the game is a metaverse which operates in real life and this requires legal support for all interactions with real life.

Q5. Who are your targeted audience and customers? What regions do you target specifically or are there any restriction to users?Some other projects or protocol can copy the real word items too. How can you make sure it is only represented by your project?


We, the representatives of Globula World are preparing to conquer this planet, puny earthlings! Muhaha!

Jokes aside we are creating two major target audiences for the game. People collecting temporal energy units with the actual movement and people involved in creating items from these energy units. We expect that creation of energy will take place in countries where people have more time and less income and don't have resources for large in game purchases. All they need to make good money in the game is a smartphone and the second part most likely from western world is people who will use this energy for creation of items.

There are no restrictions and our goal is to create a game where everyone can play and earn regardless of their income and have a profit adequate for the territory they live in.


Q1. Many investors only care about the value of the coin. However, when most projects start listing, the value often drops seriously. Investors often have to discharge losses and suffer heavy losses. So you how do you prepare for this situation? What benefits will investors get when holding?

One of the best innovative mechanics in Globula separating it from all other projects on the market is the concept of intrinsic value of the item.
I will have to simplify the mechanics in order to make the concept more understandable.
In any other game if you purchase a gun or armor for one polygon or solana the player receives a game item and the seller walks away with crypto. If the project fails the player is left with a game where no one is interested in his armor or a gun, losing the money.
In Globula the crypto is “stored” inside the item itself on the blockchain. So the gun which initially was purchased for one solana or 200 usd at the moment will always be worth at least one solana and whatever the exchange rate for it will be. Xronos stablecoin , which is part of the project is responsible for this mechanic
Because of that the item’s internal value grows in two ways- first one is application of the item in the game and the second one- the growth of the crypto used for the creation of such item. If the intrinsic value becomes much larger than the value in the game, and lets assume that solana is suddenly worth 2000 usd, the player can disassemble the gun and get his 1 solana back.
Such mechanic makes the game a huge crypto fund with all the game items functioning as stabilizing assets, creating unprecedented stability for the project and value of the company and tokens representing its value

Q2. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who have not yet entered the crypto world. Can you tell us What you plan to do raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?
Not just plans but we already took action on it. That is why we have team members from classic gaming industry from such renowned companies like wargaming , with experience of work on games that attracted 160 million users. We are creating Globula in such a way that it would be an interesting game for people not related to crypto, they will be the core of our

players guaranteeing stability of the project even if crypto goes into bear market. We are diligently working on the gameplay and storytelling of the game itself, because for the mass player this is the most important thing. I would also like to remind you that in order to play Globula, a player does not have to invest money. He just needs to invest his time in the game and the game will convert it to money

Q3. It is unfortunate that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

We took well established concepts and market mechanics proven over many years and millions of players. Our main invention is that we have come up with a solution to how to combine and scale these mechanics. Thanks to this solution, we can create tens and hundreds of thousands of paid jobs inside Globula, which will significantly offset the consequences of the 4th industrial revolution, which manifests itself in the form of the problem of technological unemployment.

Q4. Staking and Yield Farming mechanisms of projects attract a lot of attention for investors to earn passive income. Can you tell us about the passive income opportunities that will offer to investors and its advantages over other alternatives?

The GLB token uses 5 primary mechanics that motivate their holders in different ways.
1. Yield farming
2. Staking
3. NFT drops
4. Governance
5. Transaction fee commission
You can find basic information about all mechanics in our whitepaper and we are going to tell more about it in our announcements on our media channels. But the most important mechanic of generating income is the game itself. The more high demand in-game items are created, the more profit GLB will bring to its holders.
Players that don’t hold GLB will receive income in the form of loot.
As for the advantages over other projects- We have definitely found a way to solve a number of economic problems related to the inflation of gaming assets and created a long-term scalable game, which is based on the super-stable coin Xronos.

Q5. Is there a real opportunity to replace work in real life with earning with globula app as you wrote on your website? Because right now it sounds like an unreachable dream?

Globula project is much more than it seems to the superficial eye. Right now we are marketing it mostly as a game in crypto market but in fact it is much more with multiple financial opportunities in real world advertising , design and many other industries. We dont want to overwhelm the users by listing all the mechanics before they are finalized in the form of actually operating game but bear with us to be surprised and make good money in the process.
As for the "unreachable dream" part, making money in a game is not a concept that was introduced recently and only in crypto. There were people wo made multi million dollar fortunes in games even before crypto even became known. There were architects who became millionaires selling houses for in games like second life, people trading items in Entropia universe and making a very good living out of it . At globula we aim to incorporate these game mechanics and improve on them . So that people who would actually dedicate themselves to the game can actually make a very good living out of it. So it is not a dream, it is an achievable goal and we do have a plan how to reach it.


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