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Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with THE KILL BOX January 28th 2022 8am UTC. This guest star :

- Don Zhu
Founder of THE KILL BOX



Before we start AMA main segment, we really want to know some informations about yourself. Could you do a little introduction for us know better about you?

|Don Zhu

I am the founder of The Killbox Game
I created an overseas game trading platform called in 2006, managing 200 customer service specialists and earned hundreds of millions of RMB in revenue. I also established a gold farming studio consisting of 500 employees which provides gold and items for WOW(World Of Warcraft) players and has organized hundreds of gold farming studios in other regions to serve overseas gamers. This studio is one of the largest gold farming studios.
In 2013 - 2015, I established which is a game-operating platform. It has operated more than ten games in the U.S. and Europe, some of which include Dragon Call, Hero Throne, Navigate and many others. They have earned tens of millions of USD in cumulative revenue.
In 2015, I started to develop The Killbox Game with my team members, which had been released in Vietnam, Middle East, Arabia and many other countries. TKB project has gained 50 million USD in cumulative revenue.
I also provided design and production support for the chapters in game Metal Slug, a famous Tencent FPS game.
My team members and I have been in crypto world for years. Blockchain is a decentralized technology, and decentralization is the most trending stuff among the world. TKB will be the first FPS game ever on-chain. Let’s look forward to the best NFT Game in 2021!


Q1. What is The Killbox Game? Please make a brief introduction.

|Don Zhu

The Killbox is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game as well as an NFT project on-chain. It is an action-packed, somewhat bloody first-person shooter game in which players assemble elite squads and it has incorporated a tradable NFT weapon system and “play to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game.
You can download the Blockchain version of TKB Game and start the journey of Play to Earn journey in this combat arena now!
🤖GooglePlay 🍎iOS 💻PC Steam

▫️Social Links
Telegram Chat|Website|Whitepaper|Twitter|Instagram
Facebook|YouTube|Telegram Channel|Discord

Q2. Can you talk about the Roadmap of the TKB Game?

|Don Zhu

Check our roadmap below.
Oct. 2021
- Beta testing for the game & Community construction
Nov. 2021
- Marketing
- KBOX token listing on an Exchange
Dec. 2021
- Elite Competition
Jan. 2022
- On-chain version launch (Blockchain game and Marketplace)
- Initail NFT Offer
Mar. 2022
- Beta version of Metaverse system launch
Apr. 2022
- Land sales and rental
May 2022
- User Generated Content
As you can see, we have detailed plans for each phase. And The Killbox Game is a game project, we will continue to develop new content, new functions all the time for our players and investors.
We have gained good revenue with a huge base of players since 2017 from all over the world. We will be the first and the best!

Q3. Can you talk about what is $KBOX token is?

|Don Zhu

We designed a lot of utilities for the native token $KBOX and it will bring high consumption as long as we have huge players, so it promises the future of $KBOX tokens. $KBOX is the native token of The Killbox Game, the first FPS game on-chain with a play-to-earn system. There are several usages of $KBOX as this picture:

You can stake $KBOX at the Marketplace and buy NFT Chests if you win the lottery chances in the next NFT Sale!
👉 Marketplace:

Q4. How can people obtain $KBOX?

|Don Zhu

1.Join different competitions like E.C now to earn $KBOX rewards.
Like Instant Competition:
Elite Competition:
2.Also, NFT weapons of T1-T6 will generate $KBOX rewards for owners on a daily basis.

Higher level and quality of the NFT weapon will bring more hash rates to the players, with a mining rate of 70 $KBOX per hash rate on a daily basis. The total hash rate of the player will be calculated by adding up the hash rates of all his/her NFT Weapons.

Q5. How can we obtain NFT Weapons?

|Don Zhu

You can obtain them from:
1. in-game campaigns in th event center.
2. Marketing campaigns in Discord/Telegram/Twitter
3. NFT Sale
4. Equip NFT weapons and join Combat
5. Marketplace from other NFT Owners

If you are interested in TKB NFT Sales, feel free to contact for details.
TKB Team members will never pm you unless necessary. Please be highly cautious about risky messages from strangers.
INO was concluded successfully on Jan.27
NFT Weapon Official price:
T1 NFT Weapon - 5,000 $KBOX
T4 NFT Weapon - 50,000 $KBOX


Q1. can non-gamers like me still be able to contribute to your project, what do I get or what benefits do I get???

|Don Zhu

Sure, my friend.
As a Game project on-chain, bothe gamers and investors are important. If small investors and whales are interested in our project, feel free to contact @Kelly_thekillbox for detailed introduction.
Firstly, $KBOX token is the native token of The Killbox Game. As the first FPS Game on-chain, the token has several usages and will go into high-speed consumption, resulting in great deflation every year.

Secondly, NFT weapons will bring multiple privileges to the owners.
Take the T4 for example:
Take T4 NFT Weapon as an example. There are several benefits and privileges for NFT Owners.
👉NFT Privilege A. Participate in NFT Staking and win stable $KBOX income:
70 $KBOX will be assigned to each hash rates every day(Original hash rate of T4 RARE quality weapon is ranging from 10-80, that is, 700 $KBOX to 5,600 $KBOX every day) at Genesis Period at the total amount of 300 Million $KBOX.

After that, the NFT staking will enter the next period, 1.5 Billion $KBOX will be distributed to the NFT holders according to his hash rate portion among the whole platform, on a daily basis of 6.4 Million $KBOX.
After that, the distribution of NFT staking will be halved each year, and distributed to the NFT holders according to his hash rate portion among the whole platform.

Upgrading the level of NFT weapons will increase the hash rate accordingly, bringing more stable income. The higher the hash rate, the higher the income.

👉NFT Privilege B. Use the $KBOX reawrds to participate in $KBOX Staking and win lottery chances for key purchase privilege.
Min staking: 3,000 $KBOX
Max staking: 30,000 $KBOX

The more $KBOX you stake, the more lottery chances you’ll get.
Keys can be sold in the Marketplace and at a good price.

*If you win the purchase privilege, you can also use the $KBOX rewards to buy the keys.
The amount of keys for sale at each phase is limited.
Open the treasure chest (You will get a chance to obtain it from the combats, or directly bought from the Marketplace) using the key, and you will get a chance to obtain a high-quality NFT that far exceeds the price of the key and the chest.

👉NFT Privilege C. Equipped with NFT weapons of different qualities to win treasure chests:
Join the combats with the NFT weapons in TKB game and you will get a chance to obtain treasure chests of the same quality or lower quality.
Treasure chests can be sold in the Marketplace in a good price.

👉NFT Privilege D. Rent your NFT weapons in the Marketplace and win a stable income, in this case, NFT Privilege C will be transferred to the new owner, and Privilege A/B/D will stay with the original owner.

👉NFT Privilege E. Join the exclusive competition for T4 RARE NFT weapon woners and win $KBOX rewards:
Use NFT weapons to join the designated battle and get a chance to win $KBOX rewards.

Q2. The killbox game is a free-to-play game. How can you and your project generate revenue and realize gains out from the products of the project? Can you tell us more about your project’s business model involving a free-to-play game?

|Don Zhu

The Income of the TKB Team
1. 5% commission will be charged when users buy and sell NFT items.
2. 5% of revenue will be used to buy back and burn KBOX tokens.
3. 20% commission from competitions.
4. Trade of land/Armory Construction & Upgrade.
5. NFT equipment upgrade.

All we can do is to build the game and attract more players as well as investors. The game is the core.

Q3. The kill box has been around since 2017 right? So why did you guys choose to integrate with blockchain and NFT technology? Why do you think it’s important to move that way?

|Don Zhu

Yes, my friend.
The Killbox Game was firstly launched in 2017. and it had gained massive revenue these years around the world. We believed that if we bring this game into crypto world, all our players will be enjoying play for fun as well as play to earn! That is one of the amazing part. And also, all NFT Weapons will not only be used in game, but also bring actual income to the owners and have specific privileges. The most important reason is that we see the future in blockchain GameFi, NFT and P2E fields! We are the first FPS game onchain, and we will be the best one!

Q4. I have seen that $KBOX have done many project AMAs, my question is: what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

|Don Zhu

AMA is part of the marketing strategies of our 2022 Marketing Plan. The intention is to increase social awareness. As the first FPS Game project on-chain, both gamers and investors are important to the project. Where do we find them?

The Killbox Game was firstly launched in 2017 and the traditional game has made massive revenue these years in different regions around the world. Also, we’ll make full use of our large user bases of the traditional version (DAU: 200,000, MAU 1,500,000).
We’ll encourage original players to experience the on-chain version with free candies.

Q5. The Killbox has a unique CHEST SYSTEM feature for box opening options. So, Can you explain more about this system? How do users open the box? And What is the minimum token issued to open the mystery box containing the super rare NFT in the box?

|Don Zhu

I think you are referring to the NFT system. Here are INO details. The Initial NFT Offer was concluded successfully on Jan.27. For now, you can buy from other NFT owners in the marketplace:
Look forward to the next NFT Sale in February!

Higher level and quality of the NFT weapon will bring more hash rates to the players, with a mining rate of 70 $KBOX per hash rate on a daily basis. The total hash rate of the player will be calculated by adding up the hash rates of all his/her NFT Weapons. And NFT Weapons of T4-T6 are available for upgrades, which will increase the hash rate and generate more $KBOX revenue through NFT staking. We will announce upgrading rules soon.

There is even a chance that you can win T5 NFT weapons from the T1 chest, which is not available in other chests.


Q1. Internal testing for the Blockchain version of the TKB game. What is the results or progress of these internal tests? How will this make The KillBox an attractive and amazing games?

|Don Zhu

We have launched an internal test with almost 5000 testers. Thanks to these lovely friends, we have found so many problems and fixed most of them before the blockchain version released. Blockchain version is one of the most significant milestone of TKB Game.

Q2. Most of the investors just focus on the price of the TOKEN in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the token for long term?

|Don Zhu

We focus more on the Game, gamers and investors. Only if we upgrade the game itserlf, will there be more users for a long term. $KBOX token is the native token of TKB Game, and it has multiple usages in the game besides it’s economical value. It will go into high-speed consumption as long as we attracts enough players. In a word, the game is the core.

Q3. Do you agree that integrated the Metaverse with VR technology into the game for users is important? How about TheKillBox plans regarding this?

|Don Zhu

Agreed. We have integrated VR feature in TKB Game. And Metaverse is basically the most trending topic around the world these months. As you can see from our roadmap, we will have our Metaverse system in 2022. Let’s stay tuned together for it’s amazing features.

Q4. Is your NFT gaming suitable for playing through laptops, smartphones, computers and more?

|Don Zhu

Sure. We have worked so hard to integrate our game in different devices. You can experience different exciting feelings in different devices.

Q5. So it’s a P2E Game . Do we need to invest anything in the beginning to start playing this game? Which category of players or gamers are you targeting??

|Don Zhu

The answer is no, my friend.
All you need to do is download, register and play. It’s totally a free to play and play to earn game! You can join the combats or participate in campaign to win different rewards of NFT weapons or KBOX tokens. All items you win from the TKB Game are tradable in the Marketplace, from which you can earn profits. Investors will be able to earn KBOX tokens by owning NFT weapons of T1-T6. Download the game now and experience the exciting combats in TKB Game now!
If you want to earn more, you can invest as you wish. Be careful about the investment risk.


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