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Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with TOREKKO November 11th 2021 at 1pm UTC. This guest star :

Enzo Duflot — CO Founder of TOREKKO

Live Telegram AMA


Before we start the AMA main segment, we really want to know some information about yourself. Could you the little introduction for us to know better about you?

| Enzo

I am Enzo DUFLOT, CCO and Co-Founder of Torekko. My role is to manage the project, to establish the general strategy especially for the commercial and business part. My main goal is to develop with our team the blockchain and japanimation sector in the Torekko ecosystem.


Q1. What is TOREKKO? and how your team can create this great project?

| Enzo

TOREKKO is an ecosystem to decentralize the world of japanimation. We start with NFT collectibles related to jap- animation and manga.
Concretely, TOREKKO will propose to all to acquire collectibles on Japanese mangas and anime (with official licences).
We want to highlight the potential of NFTs, so it will be possible to do farming with our NFTs and especially we want to put in action our NFTs, it will also be possible to play the character in our game that are going to release in 2022.

Q2. Could you give us some reason why should we choose TOREKKO than other METAVERSE out there?

| Enzo

The Torekko metaverse is quite special for 3 reasons:
1 - It will be created around existing and popular licenses (like One Piece, Naruto or other well known licenses)
2 - It will feature advanced DeFI and NFT functionalities (staking, farming, buying land, buying boosters, ...)
3 - Finally, the Torekko ecosystem will have a token, the $TRK, very useful for all transactions between users using the metaverse or Torekko DeFI features.

Q3. Could you please explain about your Roadmap, and also what phase is currently ongoing?

| Enzo

Before answering, I would like to say that we’ve been working on the project since early 2021 to have a clear vision on the different stages of the project and especially to establish the different utilities that our project can bring.
After that we started to develop our website, our first NFTs, our ecosystem and our Smart Contracts
This November, we plan to release our $TRK Token, our first Collections of NFT Collectibles and Boosters as well as setting up Staking and Farming, from the start !
In 2022, we plan to Launch our Metaverse & Play to earn Game (Q1 2022). We also plan to develop an Animapp Defined as a streaming platform for anime and also our own scan platform (Q2-Q3 2022)
🔥 If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to visit our website where our roadmap is displayed:

Q4. Please tell us about $TRK token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can get/buy it?

| Enzo

The maximum supply is 100,000,000 $TRK. The distribution of the token is 41% incentive, liquidy, community rewards, 18,5% early supporters, 21.5% ecosystem, exchange liquidity, marketing, 20% Team & Advisors.
$TRK will be used as payment for NFT farming and $TRK staking.
$TRK will also be the official currency of our metaverse and our play to earn.
$TRK will also be essential for the purchase of our NFT collectibles and boosters which will be made only in $TRK
$TRK will also be used for our marketplace

Q5. What is the future goal of TOREKKO related to jap and manga animation ?

| Enzo

Torekko aims to develop as many partnerships as possible with high quality studios and mangaka in Japan. This is what we are focusing on now and what we will focus on even more in the future.
At the moment, we are preparing the first season of NFT Torekko (the WINTER 2022 season). There will be several licenses for this first season and a number of NFTs (some will be more rare than others). I invite you to follow us on social networks to be aware of the future arrival of this season.


Q1. Many times,the so called NFT games only care about the investors & are not concerned about the Actual Gamers,because they lack in Good graphics and story line.
So what have @torekko done to provide the Gamers an immersive experience?How will u increase player interations?

| Enzo

Torekko has the ambition to attack two different targets: The crypto community and the japanimation community.
People from the japanimation community are mostly new to blockchain and are therefore not here for investment products. These people want a real game that will entertain them and not just a "play to earn" game like all the others. It is also known that the blockchain community is in demand for such a game.
Therefore, the Torekko team wants to develop a real game with a story, beautiful graphics (similar to those found in the open world of Japan), interesting quests, exciting missions, real difficulties, collaboration, trade, ... In short, a real game that real gamers will love.

Q2. The NFT industry is perhaps the most exciting part of the blockchain landscape as it is truly sparking a new wave of art. What are the benefits and advantages that #Torekko offers to the NFT industry?


There are 3 main features that make Torekko’s NFT different from others and worth in the market
1- Semi fongible tokens : The goal is to address the lack of liquidity in the current NFT market with a limited supply on each NFT collectible and booster 2- Real licenses : Real licenses bring credibility and value to our NFTs
3- Boosters : Torekko boosters are NFTs that can be stored, exchanged and farmed without being opened. But you also can open it and earn the NFTs inside

Q3. I found out that Torekko has 4 rarities for the bases which are the Ruby,Gold,Moonstone and Onyx. So,can you explain each rarity? How does each Rarity differ to each other? Which rarity is most recommendable and profitable among the 4?

| Enzo

All Torekko NFTs are available in limited quantities. Some are rarer than others because they are available in smaller quantities.
In this logic of maximizing the rarity of collectibles and putting the spirit of collecting at the heart of the project, Torekko has developed boosters. In concrete terms, these boosters are NFTs that can be bought, sold or kept.
They can also be opened to obtain several random collectibles. Once opened, the booster is destroyed, which reduces the amount of boosters in circulation. This simple principle allows the establishment of a real collection ecosystem based on the acquisition, conservation and opening of boosters.
Each booster is linked to a collection or to several collections. There are, for example, TOREKKO ORIGINALS Autumn 2021 boosters but also Autumn 2021 boosters containing several collections of this season. Finally, there are boosters containing more or less collectibles (3, 7, 20, ...)
The rarity of torekko is based on the base colors (ruby, gold, moonstone, onyx). The color of the base represents the percentage of chance to get it in a booster (90% for ruby, 9% for gold, 1% for moonstone and 0% for onyx). Rarity is also based on the boosters, on the collections and also on a last point -> the usefulness of the NFT (some NFTs will be usable in our metaverse in one way or another )

Q4.(Could you tell us more about the current marketing strategy? How does Torekko want to grow and so reach every user who are interested in buying and minting nft collectibles on your platform ? What are the project’s outstanding and most noticeable features you are excited about ?)

| Enzo

Our marketing plan lies firstly in the collaborations and partnerships that we will carry out with the real licences, but not only. Our goal is to convince both the crypto community, NFT and the japanimation community. So we will have to simplify the blockchain aspect for beginners and for those who don’t know it.
To do this we will do modern marketing for the crypto part and more traditional marketing to convince all consumers of japanimation. In this more traditional marketing, there will probably be marketing campaigns with famous licenses, live events or new collaborations.

Q5. About torekko, Torekko is an ambitious team that aims to issue the 1st licenced #anime NFT’s. May i know whats the meaning of this name? Also explain how you get into this name?

| Enzo

Torekko is the contraction of two words in Japanese "Torēdingu" "korekushon", which means "Trading Collection" in English. We have therefore selected the "Torē" and the "ko". To link the two, we added a "k". The result is TOREKKO


Q1. How can I join the pre-sale or IDO? What is extimated date where can I buy your tokens..??

| Enzo

You can try your luck on the launchpads within ten days (between the 22 and 26). The token will be listed on the decentralized exchanges of the binance smart chain (pancakeswap) by the end of November. For more information about the release of the token, I invite you to follow Torekko on social networks.

Q2. Can you introduce your team with us? what are their qualification and experience?Can you introduce your team with us? what are their qualification and experience?

| Enzo

The project is primarily led by blockchain and japanimation enthusiasts. Passion is an important factor to develop a project on the long term. So we have an experienced team for blockchain development, fullstack development, design, animation and marketing.

Regarding their background, some of them have been to renowned schools and have already worked on other blockchain projects. As our goal is to develop a project that is suitable for the blockchain community and the anime community, we also have a team of qualified graphic designers for our NFTS and our website.

The project is also incubated by Oddiyana Ventures.

We have also Japanese people in our team, who have expertise in animation and Japanese culture, to ensure business development with the licenses.

Q3. Why did you choose BSC for your project? Is there any plan to add more blockchains in the future?

| Enzo

We have chosen BSC because of the low costs and the great utility of the binance smart chain network. We think it is important to have low fees in order to attract as many users as possible from the world of japanimation who do not necessarily want to pay large fees for their crypto.

We are also going to develop a bridge with Ethereum in order to offer our token, our NFT and our metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain.

Later we will also develop bridges with other blockchains, we think in particular of Solana which could be very interesting.

Q4. Have you had an AUDIT to be safer and more reliable? Can you share?

| Enzo

We are closely working with a well known Blockchain Audit company to get Certificates before Launch

Q5. IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

| Enzo

Our platform aims to popularize blockchain as much as possible for users coming from the world of japanimation and who do not necessarily know blockchain very well.

Our service will also be dedicated to beginners and small funds in cryptocurrencies.


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